Volontariato in Cina - Giada Chiaramonte - 6 mesi

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“I can highly recommend this experience to everyone! Working as a volunteer in China is a productive and interesting experience for a lifetime.”


“Hi, my name is Giada and I participated in a volunteer program in Chengdu, China for six months. I have chosen to come to China because I’m fascinated by its unique culture. I worked in a local middle school which is located about half an hour away from the city. It is a really huge school and has a big schoolyard where the students can do sports activities every day. The students there have the opportunity to either study art or science and furthermore enjoy all kinds of activities. The school offers a free food shop for volunteers and also has a restaurant on campus that serves all you need.”

Teachers and students

“The teachers who are working at the school are especially helpful at the beginning which makes it easier when you come to a new place and a totally new environment. The students can simply be described as really friendly and heartwarming. They absolutely appreciate you being at their school which is another reason why I chose to do volunteer work - I really like to be in touch with people!”


Daily life in the school

“My task was to give English lessons to Chinese students every day. As a teacher volunteer you are very busy to prepare your lessons from the very start. Here is a small hint for all the future volunteers: Try to prepare as many games as possible for your lessons, because it’s a good method to teach the children a new language in a way they simultaneously enjoy! In my free time I also enjoyed playing and having fun with them!” 


Diet and accommodation in Chengdu

“I liked the accommodation in Chengdu. It was located on campus and offers you everything you need for living. But I have to admit I had my problems with the Diet. The Chinese cuisine is very good but unfortunately the food in the school didn’t offer much diversity.”


Was there something interesting during your volunteer period?

“Let me spontaneously mention one thing: I really liked the city of Chengdu! It is a beautiful metropolis which offers you a lot of attractions and places to visit. Definitely worth a trip!”


Did you face some dificulties during the project?

“Well, as I already mentioned I had some problems with the diversity of the diet but all in all its good to have a canteen in your surrounding area.”


Do you have any tips or suggestions for future volunteers in Chengdu?

“Be prepared to take a taxi when you want to see the City of Chengdu at night but most importantly, be open minded towards new things and you will have a great time in China!”

Giada Chiaramonte, Chendu, Cina, 6 mesi, 2016