Salome Dolidze - SVE in Italia 2012/13

Inserito il 25/01/2013 alle ore 15:20

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I am Salome Dolidze. 21 years old, from Georgia and I am doing my long term EVS in Italy. What can I tell you about my EVs? At first, when I came here, I was very scared. I had never lived before without family and friends. I thought that nine month was really long time and I could not stay. But after few weeks everything changed. Time goes very fast and I feel how everything is changing or I am changing in a good way.

I live with other volunteers from deferent countries and it is very interesting for me. I got known deferent cultures. Now I have more friends than I had when I came here. I found similarities and differences between Italy and Georgia. I improved my English and trying to learn Italian. At the beginning I did not know any Italian but as Italian people say “piano-piano” I can speak in this beautiful language. Now I know haw prepare real pasta and pizza. Improve my communication skills. I learned a lot about others and about myself too. And the most important - I learned how to face problems, difficulties and how to solve them myself.

Here I work at refugee’s center. Refugees are from Africa and Asia. They came in Italy with hope to change their life in a better way. The best thing I can do for them is to smile. One day one of the refugees told me that at the center they are sixty people and I am sixty one, because I am part of their big family. I will never forget these words and I will be always proud. EVS gave me the chance to help the people who really need it.

It is my advice that if you are young, you have to do your EVS project. EVS is the best way to see other countries, introduce different culture and meet interesting people. EVS is a great possibility to change your life and gain a lot of EXPERIENCE.