MY EVS experience in Italy - Sara Silva

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I'm Sara, from Portugal, and I spent the last (almost) 9 months in Italy, in a place near Turin, called Luserna San Giovanni, working with the elderly with Alzheimer’s or some sort of dementia and others hillnesses.

Since I finished my studies in Psicology, I always wanted to work with these people.. and now that I’m finishing my service, I’m 100% sure that working with them is what I want to do in the future!

I decided to come because I felt the need to do something different.. and now that I’m leaving, I hope that I did it right. I hope that I brought something different and beautiful to the life of these peopl. I hope I, in someway, left a mark.. as they left one me!

Working here is a challenge everyday because you never know how they are going to react, sometimes it’s hard and you have that feeling that you are not doing enough or not doing it right.. but at the end of the day, just to see a smile on their faces or receive a kiss…  it makes everything worth it. And I will bring them in my heart forever!

There are other volunteers that work and live with me and they became like a family.. la mia famiglia italiana.. three German girls and one Spanish boy.. each of them is special on their own way. Although, I must say it’s not easy to live with them everyday (really not!) but what can I say? I love them.


Sara Silva (9 months EVS in Italy 2016-17)