Little things - Johanna e la sua esperienza SVE in Italia

Inserito il 28/07/2017 alle ore 11:58

Before my arrival in Italy I didn't know what to expect. All the time I had searched for a project with children and in the end I would work with elderly people with Alzheimer. 12 months later I can say that probably it was the best decision possible. I can't really describe how much I learned in this year because there are so many little things like bringing a person to smile or help a person to be less confused. Sure, sometimes it is hard to work here. Alzheimer is no easy condition, it gets worse and people are dying. But in this year I leant about the more important things. That every happy minute in the life of these people counts and that sometimes even a little bit of music can brighten the whole day for someone. It is beautiful to see how small actions have an impact and I love to cook, dance, read or just laugh with all my nonni adottivi.

In my year I also got to love Italy as the beautiful country it is, with all its landscapes and people. I visited so many places in this short time that I am actually not quite sure how I did it. And I met so many wonderful people, other volunteers, people I worked with and friends I made, that I am broken hearted that I probably won't see al lot of them again. But what I am sure of is that they will stay in my memory forever.

And at the end I want to tell you from my little family I found here in Italy. When I came here I left my family back at home and it was strange because never before I had been so far away from home for such a long time. But this year gave me another, my italian family: The other volunteers at the Rifugio. We are living and working and kind of doing everything together. We can talk about everything because we are all in the same situation and sometimes the people back at home don't understand what is on our mind but the other volunteers do. There is our portuguese grandma, the armenian mom, the german crazy aunt, the other two totaly adult children and the crazy spanish child. And with all my heart I hope that I won't ever lose this people, even now when the time comes to go home.

Johanna Hofmann (12 months EVS in Italy 2016-17)