Kamila Slowiñska - SVE Honduras 2010

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I came here without language skills, so sure that everyone will speak in English, so you can imagine my shock, when I realized that in ACOES maybe 3 or 4 people know this language and in places where I was supposed to go: no one. Fortunately my first 2,5 month in Marcala I spent with Ivan, who knows a bit English. I was living in casa populorum progressio with almost 40 students that live there, study and work. I was preparing English lessons and giving them with Ivan, also helping him with correcting every day dictation, helping students with their homework. I was also working as maestro en casa among other things in Santa Ana La Paz, giving English lessons. I must admit, that my experience in Marcala was pretty hard: because of language barrier it was very difficult for me to get close with students in the house. But at the same time I loved working there, especially as maestro en casa, visiting small communities, seeing how people live there, experience their hospitality. I was always walking there, so I could enjoy the views, that are not normal in  Poland :) although during rainy season it’s pretty difficult to walk in the mountains and not get dirty and wet, but you can always go to one of the pulperias and ask for something to drink (they love coffee in here!). As for lessons, unfortunately the level is very low in here (I mean small communities), so sometimes before I was making English lessons, Ivan had to explain in Spanish basic grammar. And this is pretty sad, because the reason is not that they are not intelligent, but that they don’t have that possibilities, that have rich people in big cities. Actually it reminds a little condition of Europe after Second World War: lack of possibilities for poor people, houses that they live in, the fact that it’s normal when a child don’t study, but work for a house, for a family, everyday life which sometimes was completely incomprehensible for me.

Now, since July, I’m living in casa populorum Ostuman, Copan. In here I’m the only volunteer, but from time to time someone is coming for a few days, two Spanish teachers was staying here for a month and I must admit, they helped me a lot with my Spanish. In here I’m also English teacher, although this time it’s a lot easier for me, cause I’m able to communicate with guys :) so about my language skills again: well… I can’t say I’m very eloquent talking in Spanish, but it’s easier for me to create a bond between me and students, and for me it’s very important, because we are living together. In here I also help in cleaning, cooking (well, ok, I just cut vegetables), making homework, participating in daily life. I’m living in a room with girls, so I don’t really have privacy, but I like it anyway, and there are just 3 girls. We don’t have electricity quite often as well as water. Actually I got used to taking bucket showers and I find it pretty funny(village girl taking her shower water from well:)), although I shouldn’t laugh cause in here it’s something absolutely normal. I was visiting with other volunteers small communities in here so I realize myself, that a lot of houses don’t have running water, or have just one faucet. Some houses, of the most poor people, are in very bad condition, actually it’s nearly unimaginable that someone lives there (I added a photo), so, for example Spanish organizations, are helping them to build a new one. We are also visiting from time to time schools, bringing them books, toys, food or just helping in giving lessons.

Greetings from Honduras!