CERECO - Centro de Rehabilitación Cochabamba



CERECO is a non-profit organization that was created 27 years ago with the aim of taking care of young people with physical and/or mental disorders coming from backgrounds of low economic resources. The center offers many activities for people of different economic levels.


Cochabamba Center


To help in carrying out daily routines, providing care assistance, organizing extra activities and workshops and help in daily drawing/art classes.


Volunteers must be older than 18 and preferred backgrounds are education, manual skills, psychology, sports or knowledge in nutrition. The volunteer should be patient, able to deal with children and have skills in organizing and running games for them.


Besides delivering basic education the center also provides training and qualification in seven specific areas: carpentry, ceramics, bakery, seam, gardening, weaves, and art and carving. The other main area of intervention is Physical education, which is believed to be fundamental for human development, carried out by professionals and aiming for high achievements, such as participation of the disabled in the Olympic games.

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